Thursday, 26 June 2014


Teaching interview questions

Have you been searching for the interview questions?? now you have come to the right place.
Here at this post i will tell you how to face a teaching interview. The things which we are going to discuss here 
can help you in any of the teaching interview. Actually you never know what are they going to ask you but still 
any interview focus on some key points. considering them i have divided the categories of the questions that 
they might ask during your interview.

Categories of questions

1. introduction questions
2. questions related to general awareness
3. questions about there organisation
4. questions related to your subject
5. questions to check your teaching skills
6. questions to check your eagerness to join 

Now we will discuss each type of questions in each categories with maximum examples.

Introduction questions

In this type they generally ask you about yourself. always remember that they don't only want your name,
qualification bio data kind of things but other than that they want you to tell them about your abilities, your
hobbies your likes and dislikes as a teacher. Questions will be like:
1. introduce yourself?
2. tell us about you?
3. tell five unique things about you?
4. two things you are bad at?

Questions related to general awareness

In this category they will check your presence of mind and your confidence. they will ask you questions which are not related to your field at all. questions will like
1. which mega sports event going on these days?
2. tell us what you do in your spare time?
3.where did first hockey world cup held?
    most of them will be related to current affairs.

Questions about there organisation

They can ask you about there own organisation and as a would be teacher you should know at least 
some about them. questions will be like
1. why do you want to join us?
2. whats unique about our organisation?
3. who is the head of our institution?
4. what can you do for us to improve?

Questions related to your subject

Now this is one of the most important section. you should have strong hold on your subject knowledge.
you can get away with any of above categories but if you failed to answer this believe me you have a very 
few chances of selection.
1. how will you teach fraction?
2. how will you teach algebra?
3. what is photosynthesis? how will you teach at upper primary level?
4. what are articles explain us?
5. show us what you are best at?

Questions to check your teaching skills

This part is equally important as above one. They will ask you to perform your teaching skills in the
very room. as a teacher you should be perfect at those. the question will be like
1. teach us water cycle ? (use any of the available aid in the room)
2. take this book and teach this poem to us?
3. recite any of the poems you have taught in your class room?
4. tell us an event when you organised a PTM (parents teacher meeting)
5. As a teacher how will you develop integrity between your students?
6. how will you handle the slow learners in your class room?
7. what is more important teaching method or content knowledge?

After all this they have decided your fate with their organisation. the next and the last category is a 
kind of followup questions.

Questions to check your eagerness to join

They will ask you some questions to check how eager you are to join their institution so that they knew 
that you will work hard with them. in this type these general questions would be asked and sometimes 
these type of questions are not even included in the interview.
1. we have a 3 year probation period procedure do have any problem with that?
2. you can be posted anywhere in the country its our policy. how do you take it?
3. It is a transferable job. you have to make sure of it before joining?

I have tried to present an overview of an interview but still a lot depends on your interviewer how 
they treat you also it depends on how you respond them.
Always remember that the next question will be from your previous answer.

I hope this will help you preparing your interview. if you have any query feel free to ask me i will help 
you with it.